Our Speech and Language Therapy Services



Sometimes an initial chat on the phone is enough to re-assure parents or carers.  However if an assessment would be appropriate and you decided to go ahead this can take place at your home or a visit can be arranged to your child's school or nursery.  The session will last about an hour and may involve observation of the child and discussion with parents or carers as well as assessment activities.  In some cases it may be appropriate to carry out assessment over more than one session.  We will discuss this with you beforehand.

Therapy Sessions


Follow up sessions or blocks of therapy sessions can be arranged if needed.  This will be discussed this with you after the initial assessment.  We will agree targets to work towards over the course of the sessions and tailor the sessions to the needs of your child.  Picture resources will usually be provided where appropriate so that parents / carers can carry out activities at home too. 

Reports and Treatment Plans


A brief report giving an summary of the assessment findings will be included as part of the initial assessment.  More in-depth reports or treatment plans with detailed recommendations can be arranged on request if required.

School Services


Christine has experience of working closely with staff in schools to provide support with speech, language and communication.  Support can be provided at the universal level across the whole setting or at the targeted and/or specialist level for identified children.  Training can be provided on various aspects of supporting speech and language development within the school setting.